Behind the Scenes!

In April 2011, I made the following video to promote the 50+ Ways project - it was my idea to use the different tools to create it.

A script was written, and tools were assigned, as outlined in a Google Doc Each of the segments used is listed below, with the tool name linked ti the segment created.:

  1. Hi, I am Alan Levine. Welcome to this overview of 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story. (xtranormal)
  2. This video has been created about, and with, the tools that are part of this web site and workshop. (xtimeline)
  3. How it came to be is itself a story. (ImageLoop)
  4. A lot of people say nice things about the web site, but they usually focus on the list of tools. (Pixton)
  5. Let me be clear, that while the tools are shiny and cool, this is more about the craft of telling stories, not the tools. (Blabberize)
  6. And with these kinds of creative ways to express ourselves on the web, we can do things not possible in other forms. (Glogster)
  7. We can be non-linear. (Comic Sketch)
  8. We can be silly. (gnomz, SPresent, shwup)
  9. We can be soaked in media. (Six Word Flickr Story)
  10. We can connect to social media sites. (PhotoPeach)
  11. We can make it a shared. collaborative experience. (bubblr -- note cant locate clip any more, forgot what I name dit)
  12. But what exactly is storytelling? (Google Presenter)
  13. It is not just entertainment, it is the foundation for all effective and persuasive communications. (Vuvox Collage)
  14. If you need to relay information, you can write reports and emails. (Slideroll)
  15. But if you want to motivate, inspire, persuade, grab attention, stand out, movie people- tell a story, do not spray them with bullet points. (VoiceThread)
  16. As humans, we are all wired to react to listen to, and to tell stories. (Slideoo - created on the fly, does not exist now)
  17. A story might be a recap of a trip. (Google My Maps- used an existing map of a trip to London, did temporary edit to add bit for movie, then deleted)
  18. A story might be a guide on how to do something. (Flickr Linked Notes)
  19. A story might be a poetic or inspirational message. (not used but created at Pixton)
  20. A story might be a humorous entree to a challenging topic. (Empressr)
  21. A story might be a presentation of a project. (One True Media)
  22. A story might honor an influential person in our lives. (OurStory)
  23. This workshop has a simple 3 part process. (Picassa)
  24. First we start with some prompts or suggestions for planning a story. We want to come up with an outline of its major parts. (Slideboom)
  25. Second, we locate media we can use in the story (or make it ourselves) (gnomz)
  26. And third, and only third, we pick up a tool. (gnomz)
  27. This workshop was first developed for a group of educators I visited in Australia in 2007. (yodio)
  28. I had been noticing a number of websites, free to use, where one could combine images, text, video to create something that could be shared on the web. (Zentation)
  29. And I wondered- how many of these might there be? (RockYou)
  30. At the same time, I was watching TV when the Library of Congress honored Paul Simon for his lifetime of musical achievement. (Toondoo)
  31. And Simon performed a live concert. When he played that song, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” a thought hit me, I wonder if there are 50 such web-based tools that on could use to create a multimedia story? (MIxbook)
  32. I never thought I would find 50. But I did. And more. (Tikatok)
  33. When I started planning a workshop on how to introduce these tools to teachers, I realized I would have to know how to use them all. (280Slides)
  34. And the best way to do that would be to create something in each one. (Tabblo)
  35. But what to do? Then I had the idea to tell the story of my dog Dominoe, and how she was found, lost, and found again (or found me). (prezi)
  36. And then I had the crazy idea to tell the SAME story in all the tools. I had all the pieces- the images, the audio. (Vcasmo)
  37. So each tool has a description, the Dominoe story I created, examples of stories other people have made. (Tabbl)
  38. The newest version of the site is organized to help you pick a tool by the kind of published form it produces (slideshow, or video or presentation, etc) or by the kind of media it can use. (Jaycut)
  39. The point is not to find the best miracle tool that can do anything, but to practice your craft of making a story and generating it in new ways. Maybe 50 ways. (Slideshare)
  40. These tools will not do everything you need. And they may behave in unexpected ways. But in trying to make your story come through in these different forms canot but help you become a better communicator. (Zooburst)
  41. So what story will you tell? (Kerpoof)