Mixbook is aimed squarely at being a place to create scrapbooks, yearbooks, calendars, etc, with a focus on elegant templates and customizations so you can create any designs you like. They also are geared at being able to create content you can (pay for) to have printed. It has a wide array of image sites you can import photos from (almost every major photosharing site), but where it really shines are the pre-built templates that make it easy to make interesting content.

Within a template, you can choose from many different layout patterns (1 image per page, 2 image per page, etc) or the pre-built designs, of which there are many,. All images, text added can be edited in great detail for placement, rotation, layering, shadow effects, and more. The library of "stickers" offers clip art media you can as details or flourishes- a selected theme will recommend ones that match (as well as backgrounds too that match the theme) but you are free to choose others or create your own.

Mixbook will let you know if images are not of high enough quality to print and wil make sure your content is formatted correctly for printing if that is the destination.

The tool previously included here, Scrapblog (http://www.scrapblog.com/) has become part of Mixbook.