Tapestry creates "tappable" stories, ones that are meant to be viewed on a mobile device in format that it simple to read (just tap forward) that includes images and text in a rich layout. It's characteristics include "succinctness, pacing, and creativity". The simple approach is reflected in that the only direction to move in a story is forward (this is no longer the case, but it is the predominant navigation mode)

Stories can created on the web at the Tapestry Workshop but as of March 27, 2014, the mobile apps can be used to create tappable stories. Media that can be used include photos taken or storied on the phone as well as animated GIFs. The newer version now features a swipe motion to go backwards through a story, and a push as well to follow different authors or groups of stories.

The key to creating a well constructed story are choosing the tap points, which typically correspond to the pauses, or punctuation in a written story.

When viewed on the web, the taps must be clicked through; the viewing feel is less tedious on a mobile device where you simple tap the screen to advance.

Tapestry comes across as a tool that is of the breed where its viewing options are intended for mobile first.

- cogdog cogdog Mar 27, 2014