ToonDoo advertises itself as the "worlds fastest way to create cartoons", and they may be correct. ToonDoo provides a suite of tools that make it easy for someone without drawing tools to create comics or "doos". When creating a basic "Doo", you can select from a number of layout styles in terms of numbers of panes. You have access to a large catalog of background images, props, characters, objects, and more.

  • The ImagineR converts an uploaded image into a graphic you can distort and shape.
  • The TraitR tool is used to create your own characters using a choice of options of head shape,m hair color/style, etc.
  • DoodleR is a free form drawing tool
  • The ToonBook Maker is used to create a book out of your created toons

You will also find options to purchase printed versions of your toons. And you can publish your toons with an option that allow other people to create their own variants, so it can be a collaborative tool.