VoiceThread was one of the sites that inspired this site in the first place. One one level, it is an easy way to create slideshows, an easy interface to import images (and later added video clips) into a series of "slides" that could be published and shared. Besides uploading media and importing from services like flickr and facebook, VoiceThread also provides access to use images from more than 700,000 images from the New York Public Library.

In addition, the author can also record audio or video tracks for each slide, so the media can be annotated. But what makes the tool really stand out is that you can enable a published VoiceThread so that other people can add their own audio, video, or text commentary, so it becomes a collaborative space, or a place to create stories with multiple voices.

VoiceThreads can be embedded and shared to a long list of web sites;. For a small fee you can also export a VoiceThread in video format (QuickTime).

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