As of September 13, 2013, Vuvox has shutdown all services.

Vuvox is one of the least none and most surprising and versatile tools. It originally was a slideshow tool, called Vuvox, and a more media rich Collage tool came later.

The slideshow tool is now encompassed by Vuvox Express, like Animoto for video, meant to make it as easy as possible to assemble a slideshow that is more like a video. In Vuvox Express, you indicate the media you want to use from a flickr set or Picassa album- it also has a tool to create slideshows from media contained in an RSS feed such as the flickr public stream, several Yahoo news and entertainment feeds, popular videos from YouTube, Engadget, etc-- so it can be easy to create a slideshow from the latest photos and videos in the news (you can use any RSS feed). You can choose from several video type styles from spiral to postcards to a tree format that animate, arrange, and place the media in a variety of modern layouts. And then you can apply "Variations: which further generate the background templates.

The Vuvox Collage tool uses an infinite scrolling horizontal canvas for uploaded or imported media to be place. They can be rotated, resized, layered. Images can be edited to have "cutouts" or parts to see through, so you can say, put a modern video inside the shape of an old television set. Text can be added, as well as pop-up notes activated by mouse clicks, as well as external web links. Like Express, Vuvox Collage has an impressive full screen view. When a presentation is started, it can be set to slowly go left or right just by leaving the mouse either left or right of center.

Collage can be used to create a very modern looking presentation, that will blow the doors off of any Powerpoint.