Almost in a category of it's own, Xtranormal provides you all of the tools a movie director would have to select a set, actor sound effects, etc and create a 3D animated movie made from only the dialogue text you type into the tool.Its tag line is, "If you can type, you can create a movie".

It generates a movie you embed and you can then export directly to YouTube. The site offers a library of sets and cartoon characters. For each line of dialogue, you can select camera angles, add gestures, sound effects, and make your character do animated moves.

Note that this was originally a totally free app, but is close to not being free anymore. When you create a new account, you get 300 "points"- it costs 212 to make and publish a basic movie. If yoy want to do more, there are ways to earn points, but you may be forced to purchase them. If it were not such a unique tool, it might not be on this list.